Condoms are a good way to prevent pregnancy and lower your risk of getting some STIs, but it is very important they are used correctly every single time! This means, you should educate yourself on the right way to use them.

Myths and Facts About Condoms

Fact: If you plan ahead with your partner, putting a condom on doesn’t have to interfere with “the moment.” It just becomes a quick part of the routine.

Fact: They make many different types of condoms, and you and your partner should be able to find one that feels good to both of you.

Fact: Wearing more than one condom can cause friction that makes them more likely to break. Only wear one condom at a time, and do not use male and female condoms together.

Fact: STIs can be spread through oral sex, too, and using condoms can help protect against them.

Fact: Condoms protect against more than just unplanned pregnancy. They provide back up birth control, and also help reduce the spread of STIs like HIV.

In addition to hearing one of the above myths, some people may be too embarrassed to buy condoms or have had a bad experience trying to use them before. But excuses like ‘I can’t feel much with one on,’ or ‘I’ve been tested and I’m clean’ are not good enough excuses for risking infection. It is wrong to think that STIs can’t happen to ‘people like me’ or that you can tell that someone has an STI just by looking at him or her.

Condoms come in many different types, styles and sizes. You can even incorporate the act of putting on a condom into foreplay. If your partner still says no to condoms you should ask yourself if you’re prepared to risk your health by having unsafe sex. Your answer should be no.

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