April 2018

Tulsa’s youth are making an impact!

The Tulsa Campaign’s Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is tackling a large mission this year: “Normalizing the conversation.” By empowering their peers with information, they hope to create a generation that is assertive in advocating for healthy relationships and reproductive health. To accomplish this, the YLC divided themselves into three groups, each with their own project.


The first group focused on empowering adolescents. This group believes that if teens feel valued, they are more likely to actively delay pregnancy in order to achieve their goals. 1,200 Valentine’s Day cards encouraging self-worth were distributed at schools across Tulsa. Additionally, through this movement, the YLC hopes that youth will feel empowered to talk to their partners, parents, health providers and other trusted adults when needed.

Through communication, youth are able to get accurate information and establish healthy boundaries about sex. These conversations can be hard to navigate, so the second group’s role is pertinent. They focused on getting teens comfortable talking about love, sex and healthy relationships. They developed 14 conversation starters to get teens thinking and talking. The topics range from self-worth to healthy relationships to pregnancy prevention.

The last group wants to ensure that the information being shared is medically accurate. With the help of local health providers, they are creating eye-catching infographics targeted specifically for teens. Through the use of social media, paid advertising and catchy hashtags, they hope that teens will receive and share knowledge that could prevent an unintended pregnancy.

For their grand finale, the three groups will come together and present to their peers at The Tulsa Health Department Teen Zone on May 7. Last year, the YLC saw a record number of teens in attendance and hope to make an even bigger impact this year. It will be a great kick-off for the National Month to Prevent Teen Pregnancy!