Modus envisions a community in which the barrier of transportation is removed and all teens can access the services necessary to reach their full potential.

Modus is a two-pronged transportation solution for teens. It enables teens to access their social service and medical appointments, but also ensures they know how to use the city’s transit system. Modus does this with two approaches which complement one another: Modus and ModusEd.

  • Modus is a volunteer-based transportation service that ensures teens get to their appointments consistently, on-time and safely. Modus provides transportation for teens to access social services by utilizing trained volunteers in their own vehicles to drive clients to appointments. The service is for teens who are accessing appointment-based social services, such as doctors, dentists, counseling/therapy, school enrollment and job training.
  • ModusEd is an in-school transit training program that ensures teens have the knowledge they need to use Tulsa’s existing transit options to get to school, part-time jobs and higher education opportunities. By educating youth on how to ride the bus and offering free bus passes, we are enabling teens to access the entire city on their terms, by redefining independence through mobility.

Modus will not only increase teen mobility but it also aims to increase teen ridership on Tulsa Transit, decrease member agency spending on transportation, and lower the no-show rate for teens who access social services. For the first time in Tulsa’s history, teens will not only have seamless access to all social services, but will gain increased independence through mobility.


Modus, a project from The Mine class of 2015-2016, with technical assistance from Tulsa Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, is currently being incubated at Youth Services of Tulsa for it’s Extended Pilot year.

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To learn more or to inquire about volunteering, please contact Leslie Neal lneal@yst.org.