Learn more about the Tulsa Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

The Tulsa Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy equips the community with strategies to reduce teen pregnancy for the purpose of improving the health and economic well-being of our citizens.

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Get the Facts
The health, economic and social impact of teen pregnancy in Oklahoma.

Reducing our state’s high rate of teen and unplanned pregnancy is a key strategy for Oklahoma. Reducing teen and unplanned pregnancy rates will increase high school graduation rates, college attendance, a skilled workforce, prepared parents, stable families and self-supporting citizens.

Preventing teen pregnancy is an investment that will pay high dividends for our state’s young people, our future workforce and our state’s economic prosperity.

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How you can help prevent teen pregnancy.

We know that talking with young people about love, sex and relationships is not easy, but it’s absolutely necessary. Experts in education and health have made it clear that in order to positively impact knowledge, attitudes and behaviors related to sex, youth need ongoing conversations and trusting connections with the adults in their lives. Having “the talk” is 
only one tiny part of the sexuality education our children need. Need help on starting the conversation with your teen about sex? You’ve come to the right place.

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Just for Teens
Lots of helpful information, just for teens.

Do you have questions about sex or love? Are you thinking about having sex? Have you already had sex? Or do you just want to learn more about your own sexual health? Then you’ve come to the right place! Use the information and resources on this page to help make good choices and prevent teen pregnancy. We strive to be factual, unbiased, and open to a variety of viewpoints on these very sensitive issues.

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